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Just married : Greek domainer on top of the world!

Mike Bahlitzanakis is on top of the world; the Brooklyn-born domainer has a huge reason to celebrate his Greek heritage with a vociferous “Opa!” This past weekend, Mike and his fiancée Maria became husband and wife, tying the proverbial knot after a lengthy courtship. The young couple has plans to go on a trip to […]

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Defbuzz : Tech veteran Mike Bahlitzanakis splashes into media with crowd-sourced news portal

Defbuzz is a new, crowd-sourced web site from veteran domain investor, Mike Bahtlitzanakis. Operating from Defbuzz.com, the news portal intends to deliver an innovative, crowd-sourced approach and a unique mission, becoming a major player in modern media. Defbuzz offers trending entertainment, politics, money, and world news all in just minutes. Defbuzz.com aims to capitalize on […]

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