Dot .NYC winners : Best of the Boroughs contest photos

In October, the Dot .NYC Registry organized a contest in New York City, titled Best of the Boroughs. The contest was designed to showcase the small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs across New York’s 5 boroughs, that are prospering from the unique opportunities that a .NYC domain affords them. We now have photos from the award ceremony, […]

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Just married : Greek domainer on top of the world!

Mike Bahlitzanakis is on top of the world; the Brooklyn-born domainer has a huge reason to celebrate his Greek heritage with a vociferous “Opa!” This past weekend, Mike and his fiancée Maria became husband and wife, tying the proverbial knot after a lengthy courtship. The young couple has plans to go on a trip to […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Big win for UDRP Respondent and coffee lovers

In November we covered the UDRP case for the domain; the case was defended by ESQwire, and the Complainant lost. At the time, another UDRP was pending, and it has now been decided. was challenged at the WIPO, and the same complainant targeted the owners of this 8 year old domain. The Respondent […]

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Domain Gangs of New York: Kosher chicken capers

The day before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, New Yorker domainers Mike Bahlitzanakis and Tony Kanakaris had lunch at Mamma Maria’s, a Greek family-owned restaurant in Astoria, Queens. Just like every other laid back Greek, catching up about domain names and Mike’s sale of took over two and a half hours. Tony bragged […]

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