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#Responsibilty : Aussie banknote typo in the hands of Frank Schilling since 2004

If you can’t spell “responsibility” on a bank note, there’s an obvious irony right there. Australia‘s national bank failed to check its $50 AUD banknote for typographical errors, printing its text with “responsibilty” instead. The small print on the banknote is truly small, and can only be seen with a magnifying lens, but still, the […]

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AirBBN.com : Short term rental traffic typo lost in UDRP

House rental services provider, AirBNB, is protective of its brand, and challenged the domain AirBBN.com – an anagram or typo – via the UDRP process. Airbnb, Inc. filed the UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum, seeking to acquire control of the domain. The AIRBNB mark was filed on Apr. 27, 2010 with the USPTO, and […]

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Uniregistry typo-domains : The smart way to branding

Brand protection of popular destinations on the Internet involves fighting back at typosquatters. When your business is also an authority in its field, registering typographical “errors” of your primary domain is a must. Uniregistry has grown in leaps and bounds during the past year, and it’s destined for greatness among other domain registrars. As “Uniregistry” […]

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