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More spam arrives from Chinese parking company DOPA.com

Will these numnuts at DOPA.com ever learn not to mass-email domain owners with their crap? We’ve covered the spamming practices of this Chinese parking company at least twice before; they don’t seem to understand English, so how does one say “Piss off you nasty spammer!” in Chinese? Titled “15%+Increase Your Parking Revenue in Dopa” the […]

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DOPA continues to spam domainers without discrimination

Time and again, the relentless spamming from Chinese parking outfit, DOPA.com continues. Snatching email contacts from the WHOIS database, the DOPA spammers mass-email accounts that are meant to only receive system information from the Registrars. Every time we complained about DOPA.com and their spamming tactics, two things happened: They apologized stating it won’t happen again […]

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