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NameJet: Frank Schilling grabs the Greek ‘F word’

After selling the German ‘F word’ for $137,000 dollars, uber-domainer Frank Schilling has secretly invested in yet another variant: the Greek word “gamw“. The word itself is a popular, visual representation where the Greek letter omega is substituted with a “w” to form the word “F*ck” in Greek, using Latin or “Greeklish” characters. With almost […]

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Frank sells the ‘F word’ for $137 big ones!

Uber-domainer Frank Schilling closed this week’s sales report, with a “wham bam thank you ma’am” domain action. The domain name, Ficken.com, which is the “F word”  in German, was sold by Frankie for a whopping $137,500. The sale was reported by DNJournal without the domain being mentioned, as topping the six figure sales of three […]

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