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Domainers to burn domains in protest of bad economy

The news about the strenuous fiscal cliff ahead of the current bad economy, has driven many a pious domain investor to unbeknownst heights of madness. Thousands of former domain flippers, eBay opportunists, part time soccer moms and MLM evangelists are abandoning domaining in drones. “Damn be those that kept the heavenly promised rise of domain […]

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Demonocracy dot info: One epic Fiscal Cliff infographic

The words “Fiscal Cliff” are being tossed around a lot lately. CNN devotes a daily section to its financial and social news – more readership when you talk about doom and gloom! ๐Ÿ˜€ Apparently, this type of bad economy has led the creator of 3D financial infographics roll out one epic infographic – plus a […]

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