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Google autocomplete search now promotes sponsored results

Google is experimenting with changes in its search algorithm, and even the autocomplete feature is about to be affected. Enabled by default, the Google autocomplete generates results in the search bar at the same time as someone types in. The first group of results appears to be as expected. If you search for Toyota, the […]

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Exact match domains: Say no to vertical videos!

Matt Cutts, SEO czar of Google, spoke lowly of “exact match domains” not too long ago. The ever-changing Google algorithm does not affect developed web sites; however, you might want to reconsider your parking of long tail domains as they receive zero ranking. A great example of an exact match domain with a humorous twist, […]

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Matt Cutts: Guest blogging is a practice that must stop – or else

Matt Cutts, the SEO baron of Google, is about to make a lot of enemies in the collaborative blogosphere. Known for his off the cuff statements about content and SEO practices, Cutts seems to merely reflect on the ever-shifting Google algorithm. In a new blog post, titled “The decay and fall of guest blogging“, Matt […]

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