Exact match domains: Say no to vertical videos!

Say no to vertical videos!

Say no to vertical videos!

Matt Cutts, SEO czar of Google, spoke lowly of “exact match domains” not too long ago.

The ever-changing Google algorithm does not affect developed web sites; however, you might want to reconsider your parking of long tail domains as they receive zero ranking.

A great example of an exact match domain with a humorous twist, is SayNoToVerticalVideos.com.

At some point, we’re all guilty of shooting a video – or several – in vertical “portrait” mode, as opposed to landscape videos.

There’s a great humorous video titled “Say no to vertical videos!” that uses muppets to describe VVSVertical Video Syndrome – so here it is below. 😀

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3 Responses to “Exact match domains: Say no to vertical videos!”
  1. varietyisthespiceoflife.com

  2. Eric Borgos says:

    I have had an iPhone for around 4 years, and never was aware I was not supposed to film videos vertically. I will switch it from now.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Eric – Landscape mode is the way to go 😀 But I agree, the placement of buttons on phones make things less obvious.

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