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Troktiko returns to honor the slain Greek blog administrator

Back in July, the assassination of Sokratis Giolias shocked the Greek blogosphere. The politically (over)charged blog was a big thorn in the side of corrupt politicians and power-hungry entrepreneurs. The cold-blooded murder of Giolias and the closing of his popular blog, Troktiko (the rodent), displayed the level of real world anarchy and violence invading the […]

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Goodnight, Greece: Troktiko blog shuts down after Domain Traffic skyrockets

Less than a week after the assassination of Socrates Giolias, journalist and administrator of controversial Greek blog Troktiko, the site has announced that it’s closing down. The final post – titled “Goodnight, Greece” – displays a photo of its slain administrator Socrates Giolias and issues the following statement: “Final post for Troktiko – Goodnight, Greece. […]

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