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Domains NOT to register: Multiple Harley-Davidson brand violations

The term “domain investor” does not apply to cybersquatters. The latter, is the kind of careless, ignorant or malicious registrant, aiming at monetizing existing famous brands. Typo-squatting is a form of cybersquatting, and it relies on the registration of domain names that are slight variants of existing, high traffic domains and web sites. While not […]

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UDRP for gTLD: Heavy Duty or Harley Davidson?

A UDRP against the domain name H-D.bike was decided recently, with the Complainant awarded the domain name from a non-responsive Respondent. Harley Davidson, world-famous for its motorcycles – affectionately called “bikes” – owns a trademark for “H-D” since 1984; that’s 30 full years. The registrant of the domain, H-D.bike, wasn’t shy about it: the landing […]

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