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Early Thanksgiving: MetaFB.org sold for $27,088 on #Sedo

Meta madness continues with MetaFB.org, a domain turkey registered two months ago selling for $27,088 dollars on Sedo. Referencing the “Meta” rebranding by Facebook, that “FB” suffix avoids infringing on the famous “Facebook” trademark. Domain investor Aznagui noted the sale on Twitter: Metafb.org sold officially 24/11/2021 for almost 30K$ The buyer (Unknown) was referred by […]

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MetaCompany claims Facebook lawyers wanted their domain

MetaCompany operates from the domain Meta.Company, using a keyword dot TLD domain “hack” to display its brand. Very crafty. Following the announcement by Facebook that they are launching Meta, an umbrella company that will leverage, among other projects, its various social platforms, the domain’s lander was updated. In a message to the metaverse, Meta Company […]

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