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Jesus is getting ready to save NameJet

Jesus H. Christ has been chosen as the most appropriate entity to save NameJet from current problems, according to a report. Representing a wide range of domainers who are seeking a catharsis for a recent “domain shill bidding scandal,” the Messiah was appointed to oversee the external audit process. “Jesus will be impartial, honest and […]

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Poll results : NameJet still a trustworthy domain sales venue

The poll results are in, and most domain investors whose corporate sponsors include NameJet, fully trust it as a domain auction venue. Out of 244 blogs and other content publishers in the domain and entertainment industry, NameJet advertises at 101; of that number, 95% believes NameJet is doing a great job with transparency and reliability. […]

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Editorial : This post is not about NameJet

This story is not about NameJet, and won’t mention NameJet beyond this point. Sundays are great days for introspection, particularly by finger-pointing domainers with plenty of time on their hands. Popcorn-popping discussion threads often attract tinfoil hatters and kooks alike; whether there is a real fire or not, such events soon become eruptions of volcanic […]

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