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Domainer from Down Under puts his organ back up for sale

Aussie domainer, Wayne, could not have been happier when he sold his domain name, organ.com in early June. Alas, the five figure sale did not materialize, as the buyer walked out of the deal and did not pay for the 17 year old domain. “Failed to settle“, said Wayne, who is now listing his organ […]

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Domainer sells his organ – The money was right!

Wayne, a domainer from Down Under, has announced the satisfactory sale of his premium domain, Organ.com. Registered in 1995, organ.com was listed on Flippa for several days with a BIN of $70,000; the domain received a high bid of $35,000 and five bids. Among the comments left in that auction, some were characteristically uneducated, challenging […]

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