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PC.net – How much did it sell for?

Per Christensson – the developer/musician with the unique initials “PC” – acquired PC.net two weeks ago. Having successfully solved the riddle at his previous personal web site, Sharpened.net, Per was kind enough to give us a report on the price he paid to acquire, PC.net. Upon inquiring, Per communicated with us that due to an […]

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Two-letter domain PC.net goes live

On Sunday, we announced exclusively how and why the domain name PC.net changed hands on Sedo – from its Korean owner of 10+ years, to a developer and sword enthusiast in the US. Per Christensson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Computer Science and Communications from Wheaton College, IL. and on May 1st […]

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Top 2-letter domain PC.net changes hands on Sedo

Per Christensson is a true renaissance man. He expresses his personal vision through the capturing of images, web projects and music, the latter of which he both composes and performs. Several of Per’s web sites serve as repositories of thoughts, others as resources of information. Under the Sharpened.com umbrella, Per operates Sharpened.net – a personal […]

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