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Top 2-letter domain PC.net changes hands on Sedo

Per Christensson – New owner of PC.net

Per Christensson is a true renaissance man. He expresses his personal vision through the capturing of images, web projects and music, the latter of which he both composes and performs.

Several of Per’s web sites serve as repositories of thoughts, others as resources of information.

Under the Sharpened.com umbrella, Per operates Sharpened.net – a personal blog, FileInfo.com – a resource about file extensions, TechTerms.com – a dictionary of technology terms, and ChatSlang.com – a slang dictionary.

Per’s recent acquisition of PC.net brought the domain back to the US, after more than ten years in the hands of a Korean domainer who parked or forwarded the domain. Technology giant Intel owns the dot com.

As you may have noticed, Per Christensson has rather unique initials, that match a popular shorthand which stands for various other things. “PC” refers to personal computers, politically correctness, Peace Corps and countless other meanings.

And that’s pretty cool! 😀

A few days ago, Per hinted of the upcoming acquisition of PC.net, at his personal blog:

“Next week, I will roll out what just might be the biggest update in Sharpened.net’s 13 year history. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but believe me, it is a big deal. If the excitement is too much for you to handle, the riddle below may help tide you over for the next few days. A change will happen as never before. Once again proving that less is more. Completely new, but exactly the same. Soon you will find me by a memorable name.”

It’s obvious that negotiations with the Korean former owners took a while to materialize, as Per began the process in January, finally closing the deal for the domain name PC.net through Sedo.

Congratulations on the new, short and memorable name, PC! 😀 Did we solve the riddle? 😉

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  1. Worldne.ws says:

    Sadly my intials are R.S ……..what can you do !

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