From the “scandal” department : Is Pheenix warehousing domains?

Domain aftermarket and auction platform, Pheenix, received a barrage of unsavory comments over at NamePros. Coming fresh from the drop of several of its satellite registrars, Pheenix appears to have angered a customer, who claims they are “warehousing customers’ expired domains.” The Pheenix customer is livid over the fact that his winning bid did not […]

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Pheenix : This domain will cost you a kidney

When it comes down to healthcare, the Obama administration did a commendable job, providing affordable health coverage to millions of Americans. Whether Obamacare will stand unchanged, or it’ll get repealed by Donald Trump, remains to be seen. The expression “you’d have to sell a kidney” comes to mind, when something as necessary as a kidney […]

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Domain drop-catching service, Pheenix, appears to be having some issues tonight. Users are reporting loss of availability of the web site, which appears to load slowly. After several tries, the following system error appears: Let’s hope that this glitch at will be resolved soon. Hat tip: Eddie.

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