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Could ICANN restrict the Qatar gTLD if commanded?

On Monday, the Saudi Press Agency released a statement accusing Qatar of “harboring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to create instability in the region”. Arab nations are cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar, so perhaps ICANN could extend these measures in the digital realm as well. In a world where the physical […]

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Qatar investment corporation wins ICANN application for dot .Desert

The holy book of Al-Bakra states: “Out of the noble sands, you shall build a wealthy palace“; the reference is not strange when one considers the wealthy, oil-rich sands of Saudi Arabia. Most of the world’s silicone production originates in the small emirate of Qatar, with 16,000 metric tonnes of computer-grade silicone delivered to manufacturers […]

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.Qatar now available to the public

The Qatar Domains Registry (QDR) which is managed by ictQatar, has officially made the Qatar-specific Arabic Internet domain names (.Qatar) available to members of the general public through accredited registrars. According to the Qatar Domains Registry: “The introduction of Arabic domain names is a major milestone in making the Internet accessible for all. Businesses and […]

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