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Wells Fargo Settlement : Fake bank accounts led to a class action lawsuit

The Wells Fargo scandal unfolded several months ago, with bank employees creating millions of fake bank accounts for customers. The Bank’s CEO encouraged employees to implement his mantra of “eight is great,” meaning that eight different services in the possession of every Wells Fargo customer would be the ideal number. For several years, Wells Fargo […]

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Class action lawsuit: You have 24 hours to claim your stake in $1,100,000,000 dollars

Rust Consulting, the same company that managed the payouts for the fallout stemming from the Hank Alvarez “SnapNames” scandal, is handling yet another class action lawsuit. This time around, it involves LCD screens, televisions, flat panels and laptops. According to the web site at LCDClass.com: “Eligible consumers and businesses in 24 states and the District […]

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Dip into Nutella with Rust Consulting of SnapNames rebate fame!

Remember the Hank Alvarez scandal that rocked SnapNames in November of 2009? The shock and awe was managed by a Minneapolis corporation, Rust Consulting, that successfully performed “damage control” on behalf of the then Oversee company. By issuing a series of rebates, most – if not all – domainers affected by halvarez and his shill […]

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