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Hold that thought – register it as a .com first – ok, go ahead

A few days ago we mentioned how the Nigerian terrorist who attempted to blow up the Detroit bound Delta Airliner has a name so difficult to spell, that no domain speculator in their right mind would register it. Never underestimate the ability of domainers to waste money! UmarFaroukAbdulmutallab.com is now live after someone registered it […]

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Nigerian Terrorist a real menace to domain speculators

A Nigerian man who attempted to detonate an explosive device aboard a Delta Airlines plane en route to Detroit, has done plenty of damage already to domain speculators. The suspect, identified by a U.S. government official as 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab possesses such an impossible name that domainers have given up attempting to pronounce it […]

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