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Vomit.com : How a photographer’s #domain was thrown up at #GoDaddy auctions

Michael Holden is a professional photographer from Seattle, Washington and was the registrant of the domain Vomit.com for more than 20 years—until a series of unfortunate events removed the domain from his GoDaddy account. As a photographer, Mr. Holden has covered the Burning Man event extensively, and he often covers public events in Los Angeles. […]

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Vomit.com : Who threw up this generic domain name?

Vomit.com – not the best visuals, but still a major generic domain, is in GoDaddy auctions. The current bid is $5,000 dollars. The domain expired in October, 24 years after its registration in 1996. Oddly, WHOIS shows that the domain was “repossessed by GoDaddy” – a message reserved for domains involved in a financial scheme against […]

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