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Watermelon Woman: Want to see what a ‘Suspended Domain’ looks like?

First of all: Congratulations to Mike Mann for selling the domain name, WatermelonWoman.com sometime in March. We covered the domain in the past, noting that Mike’s asking price was $350 dollars. It’s thus safe to assume that WatermelonWoman.com was sold for that much, and its new registrant, artist Tyler Goldfarb, is currently not checking his […]

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Mike Mann ups the price of watermelon woman!

After our post earlier this month about the astounding “watermelon woman” and how Mike Mann owns the dot .com, we expected some imminent action. Mike Mann’s domain selling outfit, DomainMarket, listed the domain WatermelonWoman.com for sale. Sure enough, Mike – being the uber-domainer that he is – considered our recommendation for a price increase. Now, […]

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Brazil: Mike Mann’s Watermelon Woman!

Domain investor Mike Mann registers a ton of domain names daily, but he turns these into sales that make people’s jaws drop. Today we found an exceptional deal on his selling outfit, DomainMarket.com, that often lists domains with a BIN price. WatermelonWoman.com is currently listed for only $288 and for those of you who don’t […]

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