WSJ : Google punishes web sites with a paywall

Google is flat out punishing web sites that provide content that mostly exists behind a paywall. In February, Wall Street Journal switched from displaying free content, to subscription only and their registered base soared by 30 percent. At the same time, Google algorithms chopped off a remarkable 44% of its traffic coming from searches. Wall […]

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Eagle-eyed domain professional, Joe Alagna, caught an ad in the print version of the Wall Street Journal today. The 101Domain VP shared a photo of the newspaper, listing the domain for sale! At the tune of $2.5 million dollars or best offer, has one serious potential buyer at this point: Hillary Rodham Clinton, […]

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Meat shop: Top DomainGang comment about the Digg sale

Last night we posted the news about Digg being sold – for $500,000 according to Wall Street Journal. Many commentators wondered, how would this be possible, it can’t be true. Sometimes, truth is so absurd that even when it hits us on the head, we deny it. The fact remains that Betaworks bought (the […]

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WSJ: Social bookmark Digg sold for merely $500,000

It’s shocking but true: Digg, the social bookmark web site once valued at $160 million dollars, has been sold. The price, even more shocking: a mere $500,000 paid for by Betaworks – a “new medium company” – that also owns URL shortener, While the sale has been officially confirmed by Digg, the amount is […]

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