Army hires Bragger Creative to rebrand campaign

The military is facing a tough battle these days; with the war in Iraq far from over, despite the withdrawal of all but 50,000 troops, now it’s the time for new recruits.

The Army is currently looking for new ways to improve its image and to promote its need for “fresh blood”.

“We contacted Indiana-based Bragger Creative and they came up with the right solution to our needs”, said Sgt. Major Kowalski of the 55th regiment.

“We were looking for a marketing company that had no tainting of the digital era; basically we searched high and low for a hard-assed guru that can draw on a chalkboard blind-folded.”

An army of 1: Bragger Creative

According to some preliminary information, Bragger Creative – an army of one per its corporate profile in the Indiana Yellow Pages – has come up with several new mottos for the military.

“I have no doubt this work of mine, while not the best ever because I worked with about 4,000 corporate clients throughout the 35 years of my career will be top notch to be included in the Fortune 500 list”, said Butch Bragger, president, CEO and creative director of Bragger Creative.

“I’ve seen some developer pansies today and how they try to go digital and all but let me tell you, I ain’t no fresh puss off the marketing shelf and I know what generates tons of leads and eyeballs”, he added.

Some of the mottos that Bragger Creative came up with for the US military, navy and airforce include:

  • The Few – The Proud – The Kickass
  • Semper Psychedelis
  • You’re messing with the wrong marine
  • Don’t ask, don’t touch me either
  • Let the Tripping begin

Bragger Creative currently has no corporate web site but they are planning to get one in the near future, once the first check from the military contract clears.

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2 Responses to “Army hires Bragger Creative to rebrand campaign”
  1. BullS says:

    That what Domaining needs…Bragger Creative

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – Butch is your man for all things Creative.

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