Brannan’s brokerage offers category killer domains in latest newsletter

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

Brannan’s, the domain brokering outfit operated by domain broker David Clements, has some absolute gems in its latest edition.

As stated by David, there are several investment quality domains on that list, that are priced competitively.

In other words, it’s a first come first served availability and some of these domains are absolutely stunning.

We noted the following:

  • for $275,000
  • for $80,000
  • for $70,000
  • for $40,000
  • for $35,000
  • for $22,000
  • for $10,000
  • for $2,000

Many more at price ranges in-between, or lower. Keep in mind, that quite often, after careful consideration some prices might be negotiable.

For more information, contact David Clements via

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