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Father Domainicus : Hallowed be thy domain name

Father Domanicus - Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Father Domanicus – Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters in Domaining, this is Father Domainicus, on a cozy yet warm Sunday evening.

Happy Father’s day to everyone who’s a father, and to the sons and daughters of our Father, the Domain Lord.

In recent days, many a domain investor emailed me about the uncouth act of Google to neglect Father’s Day in such a obvious manner.

By that, I’m referring to the inactivity of dot .DAD, a gTLD that Google decided to point to a generic, unfriendly page.

The jubilation that Uniregistry reserved for Mother’s Day, with its own dot .MOM gTLD, has remained unmatched.

Alas, Google displays little love to fathers, apparently, and places their dedicated gTLD upon the same echelons as .BOO, .MEME and .SOY.

It is days such as this that I recall the words of our Domain Lord, who thus spoke in Domainclessiastes 4:12:

“Behold, the serpent’s head is hiding in the bushes, but its teeth are sharp as knives for the assault upon the man.”

Although archaic and incomprehensible to those who are not men of the cloth, this word of wisdom references the many tricks played upon domain investors by Google, that asserts to maintain a “not evil” approach to the world.

Naturally, my domaining children, we know better!

As a closing note, I send out my solidarity to the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families. May such a tragedy never repeat itself, ever again.

Peace and everlasting love,

~Father Domainicus.

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  1. It is weird that I was thinking of this exact sentence to day. Are you gnostic?

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