Secret document of ICANN found after much publicized gTLD glitch

A secret document located in unlocked folders was found during the assessment of the alleged “glitch“, on the ICANN TLD Application System (TAS).

So far, there is no indication that the glitch was enabled maliciously, however, the document reveals the practices and eating habits of ICANN executive, Rod Beckstrom.

The ICANN document was emailed to us by George Kirikos, who found it in the same folder with an application for the .souvlaki gTLD – presumably the most expensive gyro wrap ever, at a cost of $185,000.

Other gTLD applications referenced in the same secret document include .gyros and .tzatziki.

Document is seen below:

Was Rod Beckstrom eating Greek food lately?


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2 Responses to “Secret document of ICANN found after much publicized gTLD glitch”
  1. mosstrooper says:

    The real scandal here is that Beckstom’s actually a Greek (he cut the opoupopulos off the end of his name) and strict Orthodox to boot and here he’s been caught breaking his pre-Easter Fast!

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    mosstrooper – Opa! 😀

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