Geo FUTR? Footer? Future?

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

That’s what Groucho Marx said, and indeed, it’s been a while since our last editorial.

So we received that press release about GeoFUTR as well, and decided not to post it.


First off, when a press release is dated four days prior to today’s date, it’s old news. The document said “September 13” and that was last Thursday.

Second, we don’t just blast out press releases, unless it’s something really useful and informational for the global Internet. In other words, it’d better be free.

But let’s stand for a second on the domain used on this release,

How do you pronounce this thing? Footer? Future? is for sale at BuyDomains, so that’s a failed start right there.

Finally, not only the URL is hard to pronounce, the logo is hard to read. Double fail.

Sure, the names behind this venture are big, but then maybe the expectations are higher?

Good luck, fellas.

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