Nom, nom, nom : Sedo sells for high five figures USD

NOM is a common three letter acronym, and the premium letter domain was just sold by Sedo. Dave Evanson, senior domain broker at Sedo, announced the sale of this LLL .com earlier today: “Just sold NOM(.)com for $86,500!! Congrats to buyer and seller!!” Selling for high five figures is indeed an impressive feat; […]

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Dave Evanson of Sedo : Build a strong domain portfolio and sell it

Dave Evanson, senior domain broker at Sedo, contributed to a domain investing article for Named Domain Broker of the Year three times – 2012, 2014, and 2016 – Dave Evanson has brokered more high-value domain sales than anyone else in the space. Regarding domain portfolio creation and sales, Dave Evanson said: “Domains are very easy […]

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Short .com domains : Sedo breaks down its sales numbers for 2016

Sedo announced today the trends that marked its sales throughout 2016. Short .com domains continued to dominate sales, as expected, along with generic domain names. For example, had the highest price tag among domains sold through Sedo in 2016, at $375,000 dollars. Dave Evanson was the broker of this highest sale. Short domains were […]

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Sedo domains : Domain on exclusive brokerage by Dave Evanson

The ultra-premium domain,, is now on exclusive brokerage at Sedo; Dave Evanson is the point of contact for the domain, once again. Evanson’s impressive track record at Sedo ensures that such domain gems are in his care. Recent exclusives include and is a category-defining, top-notch domain, registered in 1997, that appears […]

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Dave Evanson : Exclusive brokerage of and

Top Sedo domain broker, Dave Evanson, has an impressive sales record. At THE Domain Conference this year, Evanson was awarded the “Top Domain Broker of the Year” trophy. Currently, top tier domain,, is under exclusive brokerage, with Evanson as the broker to contact. Registered in 1995, has been owned by a Baltimore, Maryland […]

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Senior Sedo broker brokers domain for six figures!

Senior Sedo broker, Dave Evanson, has a long trail of successful domain sales, the most recent one being that of for $650,000 dollars. Scratch that! The Sedo veteran just announced the brokering of the domain, for a nice $375,000 dollars! It doesn’t get more redundant than this! 😀 From one broker to another, […]

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Sedo sells domain for six figures!

Sedo has just sold the domain for an astounding 108,000 GBP, or approximately $157,927 dollars. Senior domain broker at Sedo, Dave Evanson, announced the sale earlier today. There was no details about who the buyer might be, as the domain has yet to change hands. With the recent demise of mega-idol Prince, the color […]

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Evanson and Wang team brokered KHC dot com for $120 Grand

A solid three letter .com sale was announced earlier today, by Dave Evanson, senior sales & brokerage consultant at Sedo. Along with one of the China-based Sedo brokers, Lijuan Wang, the dynamic duo achieved the sale of for $120,000 dollars. That is one heck of a price for the three letter .com domain, and […]

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Top Sedo broker, Dave Evanson, announced some big news today. Evanson co-brokered the domain name along with Negar Hajikhani, sales executive at Sedo. The amount involved was $350,000 dollars. Registered in 1994, according to DomainTools, was acquired by an independent metrics company, that also operates Congratulations to Dave Evanson, Negar Hajikhani, and […]

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Mother unhappy with Father .com sellout

It’s family drama as usual, in domain land. Following Dave Evanson’s announcement of the immediate availability of the domain name,, via an exclusive Sedo contract, all hell broke loose. “That ain’t raaat!” said Mary Lou Boggs, a devoted wife and mother of four and an avid Pinterest collector of all things related to mothers […]

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Dave Evanson, Sedo’s top “sales dog”, just announced that the three letter .com domain name has been sold via the SedoMLS system. The price: $100k. Said Dave: “Just co-brokered through SedoMLS at GoDaddy for $100,000. Congrats to buyer and seller!!” Definitely a great set of letters for a three letter .com, and yet […]

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