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Alert: TNTG.com is a stolen domain name

Stolen domain: TNTG.com.

The domain name TNTG.com has been stolen, and its current registrant is under investigation.

They allege that they bought the domain on a Turkish domain forum.

Mr. Lloyd Joseph, of the Technology Group, a Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Provider in the UK, confirmed the theft with us yesterday.

“It is a company asset, and we’d like to get it back,” said Mr. Lloyd Joseph, who most likely fell victim to a phishing scheme targeting Register.com accounts.

So far, TNTG.com has been peddled on Flippa and NamePros, and is up for sale on Sedo as well.

This is a public service to notify anyone willing to acquire TNTG.com that it has been stolen.

We will update this story with new information as it becomes available.

Domain owners are advised to turn on two factor authentication, preferably at a registrar that offers the Google Authenticator app, as SIM card theft incidents are on the rise.

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