#Alvalu Designs : Business #domain held hostage by #WordPress #developer

Alvalu Designs is a family-owned business in California that creates custom stickers, decals, banners, shirts and more.

Their domain name, AlvaluDesigns.com, appears functional, but according to a video shared on YouTube by its owner, the domain is being held hostage.

What is the deal exactly?

Derek and Sarah Alvarez, business owners.

Derek Alvarez, co-owner of Alvalu Designs, says that the developers took 5 months to create something promised to be delivered in just 4 weeks.

The unnamed developers are seeking $3,000 dollars just to transfer the domain to the business owner, after being told that due to delays they are no longer interested.

AlvaluDesigns.com is now being hosted by the developer, presumably to scam existing and potential customers.

The owners are not fazed, however, and they formed a new company, Sierra Stickers LLC, operating from SierraStickers.com.

They also applied for a trademark for SIERRA STICKERS on a intend to use basis. Smart move!

Lesson learned: Never allow the developer full access to your domain name, or your accounts outside of the bare minimum access to upload and update your files on your behalf.

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    Sierra Stickers = Better

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