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Domain crime : 14491.com is no longer a stolen domain asset

Emulate.com has been recovered.

14491.com has been recovered.

It took nearly four months for the owner of the domain 14491.com to get it back, after Chinese cybercriminals stole it.

In November 2015, we covered the domain theft incident that involved seven valuable numeric and short domains.

With the assistance of the losing registrar, GoDaddy, six of the seven domains were returned in a matter of days.

Unfortunately, 14491.com had been moved to the domain registrar Internet BS.

According to the domains’ owner, Internet BS has finally agreed to return the domain to him, after he provided extensive documentation about the domain’s ownership.

“With the help of Domaingang, Godaddy and Internet BS one more stolen domain was handed to its rightful owner, 14491.com.”

The amount of time that Internet BS took to return the domain, was surprisingly long for a Western, ICANN-accredited registrar outside of China. Even notorious Ename.com is complying faster with domain return requests, these days.

During the time that 14491.com was stolen, the Chinese cybercriminal utilized it to display Asian pornography.

GoDaddy has been upping security and in 2015 introduced two factor authentication via SMS. Domain theft incidents rose in 2014 and 2015, after a mandate by ICANN for Registrars to validate email addresses of domain registrars; the requirement led to a huge increase in phishing emails.

Was your domain stolen?

We can offer assistance and can guide you through the hoops to get it back, all while informing thousands of domainers worldwide about its status.

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