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Domain crime : Russian domain thief sold Zawa.com via GoDaddy auctions

Warning: Stolen domain.

Stanislav Khramov is a Russian domain thief with ongoing activities going back several years.

While a full exposé is in the works, this post is focused on the theft of Zawa.com, a domain that was stolen from its legitimate owner, Mr. Daniel Goodwin, in early 2016.

As with many other cases Stanislav Khramov gained access to the owner’s Yahoo email account, and managed to transfer the domain away from his account and control.

In the process, he also set up email filters to ignore email notifications from the registrar, Register.com. Using fake WHOIS information, he transferred the domain out to Bigrock, an Indian domain registrar.

After talking to Mr. Goodwin, we were told that Zawa.com, a 1999 registration, was his sole domain asset, and due to the increase in value of LLLL .com domains, he has had many inquiries in recent years from Chinese email addresses. Mr. Goodwin only found out about the domain’s fate a few weeks ago.

Zawa.com was sold in early December via GoDaddy Auctions for an undisclosed amount; the transaction was completed using Escrow.com. GoDaddy has been made aware of the activities by Stanislav Khramov and has blocked him from further auctions.

In recent months, other domain selling venues that have been made aware of Stanislan Khramov’s selling of stolen domain assets, include Flippa, Sedo, Domain Holdings and Afternic.

Stanislav Khramov often peddled domain names to a number of established domain investors, many of which – but presumably not all – were unaware of his activities. He has also been banned on NamePros, where a dedicated thread exists.

The current registrant of Zawa.com is Chinese, and he is now in possession of a stolen domain asset. The legitimate owner, Mr. Goodwin, is in the process of reclaiming the domain using all legal means necessary.

We will update this story when additional information is made available.

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