NamePros : PayPal refunded payment linked to fraudulent domain sales

Quite unsurprisingly, PayPal refunded payments for domains that were fraudulently sold, but not those sent as a “gift.”

A massive new fraud incident that was squashed at NamePros, unveiled some interesting facts:

About 80% of all fraud that has taken place on NamePros over the past couple years, which is still a relatively small number, has been carried out by a single person.

Arunas Zygis, apparently a Lithuanian, has been a member of NamePros for a very long time and was able to game the system, getting likes, trader reviews and gaining the trust of other members.

He also created several sock-puppet accounts, evading the alarms that are in place to notify moderators, but eventually he was caught.

After selling the same domain – which was stolen – to two different buyers, the victims filed PayPal disputes.

A $400 dollar payment made using the gift option was not refunded by PayPal; another victim’s loss of $900 dollars was refunded in full.

Said the victim:

“I’ve bought a 4L domain under the privacy protect, now I think it was not his and he insisted to pay as a gift 900 USD by PayPal. So I did yesterday, because I don’t like for sellers to pay 5% mostly and offer them gift payment.”

According to extensive research done by the moderators, the domain fraudster used the following email addresses over the years:

His accounts are now closed, and NamePros is safe, once again.

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