Company applies for WUR-COM #trademark without the Telepathy #domain

A company has applied for the registration of WUR-COM as a trademark at the USPTO.

Wurtec, Inc. operating from, filed the application citing September 29, 2020 as the date of first use in commerce.

The mark’s application is for “Elevators and parts of elevators.”

Meanwhile, Telepathy owns the matching three letter .com domain,, which it’s available to acquire through their platform, Secured Offers.

Registered in 1999, would surely arrive at a premium price, perhaps in the six figure range.

Companies using the “COM” part in trademarks with or without separators from the main keyword, may end up with confused customers that flock to the matching .com domain.

WUR-COM image from the trademark application by Wurtec

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2 Responses to “Company applies for WUR-COM #trademark without the Telepathy #domain”
  1. john berryhill says:

    Why would they want it?

    They make highly specialized parts for elevators, so the notion of “customers flocking” to in search of Wurtec’s elevator intercom doesn’t seem like a realistic proposition. They obviously called it “wur-com” because their brand is “Wurtec” and it is their intercom designed to perform to a standard specification. If you were looking for their intercom, you’d go to, which they already have. Seems like a nothingburger here.

  2. DomainGang says:

    John – Sounds like a plausible explanation. Maybe it’s a domainer reaction to ‘COM’ – it has to be a domain!

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