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Don’t mess with the Yeti : Multiple domains lost in UDRP

Yeti is a famous manufacturer of coolers, mugs and other containers, and very protective of its brand.

Operating from Yeti.com, the company takes care of online business by often filing UDRPs against holders of infringing domains. We counted 36 UDRP filings in less than one year!

Although “yeti” appears to be a generic word, when it applies to the class of items above it’s a registered trademark.

In a recent UDRP, the ownership of several “yeti” domains was challenged. The same Respondent owned all of the following 14 domains:

yeticoolers.mobi, yeti.band, yeti.bid, yeti.gift, yeti.kim, yeti.market, yeticoolers.band, yeticoolers.ltd, yeticoolers.help, yeticoolers.mom, yeticoolers.online, yeticoolers.site, yeticoolers.pub, yeticoolers.top, yeticoolers.store

Can you guess where the Respondent is from?

If you guessed “China” you’re spot on.

It did not take a lengthy response by the sole panelist, Darryl C. Wilson, to determine these domains should be transferred to the Complainant, Yeti Coolers LLC.

Read the full text of this UDRP decision.

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