10 things to do after attending TRAFFIC 2012

The ripple effect from a TRAFFIC domain conference jam-packed with features, will continue for weeks and months.

If you attended the conference, it is crucial that you perform a series of tasks.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the 10 things that you absolutely must do after attending TRAFFIC. 😀

  • Organize your notes, business cards of contacts, phone numbers and embarrassing photos. Create a dossier and print it out for future reference; ideally, call it “TRAFFIC 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale“.
  • Reach out to those you “clicked” with at TRAFFIC. In an era when “thank you” notes tend to become extinct, sending a thank you email is the absolute minimum effort. Preferably, call your contacts and thank them – as long as you have regained your lost voice yet.
  • Begin working on those projects that you agreed upon during TRAFFIC. Don’t waste time, or else you risk starting from scratch at the next domain conference.
  • Check your bank and credit card statements, particularly if you spent money outside of the hotel amenities – not just to maintain financial balance, but to ensure your identity has not been compromised.
  • Outline the lessons you learned at TRAFFIC and work on improving those points that you failed to present. Failure is not an option, improvement is.
  • Stay focused. You made it through an entire conference, there is no point in arguing about single points that were not 100% perfect. No perfect industry conference exists, unless you could spend every weekend having coffee and donuts with Rick and Howard.
  • Reach out to those that didn’t make it to TRAFFIC. Educating those poor, lost souls on what actually occurred during the conference, is essential. Don’t boast, be a mentor.
  • Deliver your promises. So you had drinks with domain industry monoliths and you said you’d do something for them. Pay attention to detail, never rush out a sloppy service or product.
  • Work on your schedule, products or ideas for the next domain conference. Domainfest is coming up in February, it is attended by many folks from the West US coast. More opportunities to seize.
  • Last but by no means least: Thank Rick and Howard and the entire TRAFFIC crew. They worked hard to ensure you got value for your ticket’s worth and turned this event into a priceless opportunity to network, create new business and have fun while doing it.

Stay positive and keep on reading DomainGang as we evolve along with you and your domaining needs! 😀

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