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Adam Dicker’s DCG .com domain gets furniture orders on occasion !

Adam Dicker, known as “Dot Com God” among his DNForum peers, operates his ventures portal from DCG.com.

At the web site, Adam presents a profile of his qualifications and achievements, along with links and pointers to services, namely website development.

How would someone confuse that for a furniture manufacturing web site, is beyond comprehension, and yet that’s just what happens.


The latest message that was sent through the DCG contact form read as follows:

 I ordered a chair today on your web site. After I paid with a credit card it said I would receive an email with all the detailed information. Now, several hours later I have not received any information concerning my order. Please let me know if there is a problem. Thank you.”

Adam’s been scratching his head over this but as SEO specialist, Bill Hartzer, pointed out, the sender appears to be confusing DCG.com for DCG Stores – a furniture manufacturer of “Home Decor & Lighing You Will Love.”

Perhaps the Canadian domain investor needs to engage in “joint ventures” with the furniture store, we think! 😀

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  1. Rod.Tv says:

    I like my coffee with hyphens …..not

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