Adrian Kinderis took no prisoners during DNA NamesCon speech

Adrian Kinderis took no prisoners during his speech, on behalf of The Domain Name Association (DNA); the speech was a prelude to Frank Schilling’s introduction of the Uniregistry App and Market.

The Neustar executive’s speech was as bold and direct as a cage fighter’s barrage of kicks and punches against a disorganized opponent.

Indeed, Kinderis minced no words:

“For too long this industry has turned a blind eye to less than scrupulous activities that have plagued our industry.

Bad actors have tarnished the perception of our industry. This may have been acceptable when it was a few insiders first grasping with a fledgling product in the early nineties but as we can see by the attendance and diversity of participation here today, we are now front and centre of the Internet.”


“Ultimately, we as an industry can no longer tolerate the bad actors.

We must work with bodies like ICANN to highlight their activities. It is time to grow up and show that we can regulate ourselves and build a strong sustainable industry with integrity.”

Kinderis also rang the bell of the final round, warning everyone about the perils of having no strategy for the road ahead:

“I don’t want to sound too Star Wars here when I say, the domain wars must be over.

The bickering and infighting have to stop. The coms, the not-coms, the IDNs, the ccTLDs vs gTLDs; this must stop.”

In his closing statement, Adrian Kinderis made a call for unity:

“So as we start this new year, a year filled with promise and opportunity, I challenge the industry to come together.

With the biggest brands in the world now becoming colleagues rather than clients, with major cities joining our ranks as partners, the industry is shifting. The world is watching and we must now work together to act with integrity, to increase awareness and drive common functionality and ultimately ensure our success.”

On stage, Kinderis looked powerful and unstoppable. Just look at the photos! 😀

adrian-kinderis-1 adrian-kinderis-2 adrian-kinderis-3

For the full speech by Adrian Kinderis during NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas, click here.

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