As 2017 fizzles out, #domain crap is up for sale at auctions or directly from domainers

Pigeonshit domains.

Bargains galore in the domain name space, as enterprising domain investors are busy thinning inventory accumulated in 2017.

It’s the end of the year sale fever, and if you still hold onto those .WS 6N’s you either drop them quietly, or you attempt to sell them for less than a .com.

“I can’t believe I was sold into this disaster and now have to peddle crap domains to make 10% of my money back,” says Gerry H. of Topeka, who didn’t want to share his full name out of embarrassment.

“Reading blogs about where to invest my money, no more, and I am not buying into this crypto shit either!” exclaims Gerry, visibly dejected.

Selling domain crap for a few bucks isn’t exactly science: as long as you find a buyer, the sale completes quickly. You can then pocket the ten bucks minus PayPal fees, and feel relief that someone else now owns the junk.

“I always thought that domain investing is easy, and what a fool I’ve been. You have to actually hold onto good domains for years in order to sell, but crap domains make a hole in your pocket,” says Gerry H.

But are all cheap domains up for sale at the end of the year crappy?

If you come across discounted domains that didn’t sell during the first 360 days of the year, then yes.

The last week of the year sales attract the absolute riff-raff of the domain industry, or as Rick Schwartz would say, pigeonshit domains.

Happy end of the year! 😀

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