Bad Horse : Is this the greatest use of a dot .Horse domain ever?

We already know Phridays aren’t very productive; after all, DomainGang was created exactly 6 years ago today.

The new gTLD domains open up a spectrum of possibilities in use, entertainment included.

If you missed Simulating.Life make sure you check it out now.

With many domain investors being geeks at heart, the registration and use of Bad.Horse as a demonstration of computer networking skills is truly epic.

By tracerouting to the server over a network, one will get the entire ‘Bad Horse’ song, as sang in the Dr. Horrible mini series.

To perform this feat, open a command prompt in Windows and type “tracert -h 100“. On a Linux system enter “traceroute -m 100“.

The output is seen below, after which is the video. Minds+Machines should be proud! πŸ˜€


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One Response to “Bad Horse : Is this the greatest use of a dot .Horse domain ever?”
  1. Omar says:

    I literally had no idea there was even a .horse until I came across this…



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