Bitcoin plummets on confirmed news of Nelson Mandela’s death

Bitcoins can be worth a lot, or nothing, depending on global trends.

Bitcoins can be worth a lot, or nothing, depending on global trends and the weather.

Bitcoin, the digital pseudo-currency that is mined using sophisticated ‘ASIC’ computers, displayed once again signs of severe volatility tonight, after news of Nelson Mandela’s demise spread around the globe.

“There are implications, when behemoth leaders like Nelson Mandela leave this earthly plane for good, which gravely affect the Bitcoin exchange rate,” said John Sayks of Morgan Stanley.

“Obviously, even at 95 years of age, Nelson Mandela had a big influence on global economics, to the point that the mere mention of his alleged death can shake entire financial networks”, added Sayks.

Underground computer networks mining diamonds, gold and Bitcoins in South Africa, where the late anti-apartheid revolutionary and freedom activist was born, stalled for several hours earlier today, after Nelson Mandela’s death was confirmed.

Financial centers such as the Lebanese candy market and the Afghan sheep exchange remained volatile throughout the day, while the NYSE and LSE indices posted heavy losses during their respective opening sessions.

Still, the Bitcoin pseudo-currency regained most of its losses, once the Bank of America announced that it’s officially a commodity; with a potential maximum of $1,300 USD and a market capitalization of $15 billion dollars.

Domainers investing in Bitcoin domains are advised to do so carefully; their Bitcoin domain portfolios might fluctuate in value between $8 to $8,000,000 dollars on a given day, depending on the average Bitcoin exchange rate.

In a similar fashion, domain investors are advised to refrain from registering “Nelson Mandela” domains, despite the popularity of this iconic figure with world news networks.

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