Black Friday is over, so what did domainers buy?

With Black Friday finally behind us, we can now focus on the next big spending day, Cyber Monday.

But let’s not do that yet.

Black Friday sales sent  many domain investors to the stores, physically shopping for great deals that only arrive once a year. Some had to fist fight, push and shove potential suitors for the same items, but we could not confirm any incidents without photos or video.

So what did some famous domainers buy at the various stores, during Black Friday?


Black Friday deals for domainers.

Here’s a quick, non-exhaustive list.

  • David Castello bought a new $199 Rockband 4 drum kit from TARGET, and a wi-fi microphone for wife, Bree.
  • Michael Castello bought a Guitar Hero Live set, for only $58 from Wal-Mart. Looks like the 80’s band “Seven” are regrouping.
  • Ron Jackson of DNJournal fame, bought a $99 Nikon CoolPix L340, discounted from $229. Great deal; Jackson now ditched his aged Sony camera.
  • Rick Schwartz bought a $325,000 Maserati at the Boca Raton dealership. Came with custom DKING Florida plates and a free tank of gas.
  • Richard Lau of NamesCon fame spent approximately $89 on a new Franklin Quikset table tennis regulation-size table. Easy to assemble, it will be used during NamesCon.
  • Bruce Marler bought a Huffy Star Wars – The Force Awakens Kylo Ren 14″ wheel bike for only $58 at TARGET, and is prepping it for his next triathlon race.
  • Frank Schilling went all out and bought a Fitbit Surge watch, priced at $199 from TARGET, for every Uniregistry employee.
  • Michele Neylon bought a new ultra-light Chefster spatula, heat-resistant at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees, sold for $39 at Tesco.
  • Paul Stahura of Donuts spent $29 on a custom t-shirt with “not .com owner” emblazoned across the front, and $42.99 on a mini donut maker from TARGET.

What did you manage to grab during Black Friday?

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