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Bored Ass Club: The Domain King’s next NFT?

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz placed his ASS.com under contract for $6 million dollars.

The project does not involve porn; instead, it involves art, presumably in the blockchain and NFT arena, along with energy sustainability and crypto.

While WHOIS records still show Rick’s info for the domain ASS.com, the resolving page explains what the ASS project is about.

ASS.com – A work of art

Alongside the main domain, ASS.com, Rick Schwartz’s recent domain registrations hint of something bigger coming to the ASS project. Here’s what we could find:


It seems that these are NFT-centric registrations, perhaps in an artistic mockery of the Bored Ape Yacht Club that sent domain investors in an investment frenzy. Millions of dollars are at stake with NFT, despite a recent drop in cryptocurrency valuation.

So is ASS.com the Domain King’s next NFT joint venture? We’ll have to wait and see!

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