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Burger King and Huge #Domains : Damn, that’s good!

Damn, that’s good.

When used for emphasis, the word “damn” isn’t a mere curse. It amplifies the amount of goodness, in this case, and a Burger King commercial is using the word, not without controversy.

Conservative group One Million Moms is not happy with Burger King using the “d-word” in a commercial promoting the non-meat Impossible Whopper.

It must be really, really good, and while Burger King hasn’t attempted to use the phrase “damn, that’s good” commercially, DamnThatsGood.com is owned by HugeDomains.

Damn that’s good! DamnThatsGood.com

The biggest domain name portfolio holder in the world seeks $5,695 dollars for this 2009 registration! 😀

Would you spend this much on a domain that rides on the coattails of a “controversial” Burger King commercial?

Damn, we’re not so sure.

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