BW Global CEO: #domain is worth over $10 million dollars

In 2017, were reported on, a crypto exchange platform.

ZB .com : Multi-million dollar #domain used as #crypto exchange platform

Interestingly, the same company acquired the two letter .com domain name in 2014, forming by BW Global, a crypto mining and exchange platform.

Cathy Zhu, CEO of BW Global, gave an interview about the BW platform, where she listed the price of the domain alone as at least $10 million dollars:

“There are 6 main business units in BW: spot trading, options trading, P2P/C2C, OTC, Token launch pad, and liquidity and market making service. There are over 1million users in with over 800million USD daily trading volumes. Daily active users is around 40k. domain name itself worth over 10 millions USD.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean they paid $10 million dollars to acquire, but it’s an interesting valuation of a two letter .com at 8 figures USD!

Story kudos: Dale G.

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