Can’t get a room at TRAFFIC Las Vegas? Rick Latona launches DomainerShare(tm)

The biggest and greatest domainer gathering of the year is almost here – TRAFFIC Las Vegas – and there is just no way to fit all of the domainer attendants into the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino rooms.

It was right before the end of the year, when Rick Latona announced the special 50% price drop to TRAFFIC tickets, thus causing an unprecedented 385% increase in last minute registrations.

Finding a room at the trendy and luxurious Hard Rock Hotel & Casino became impossible.

But don’t discount Rick, he’s an experienced entrepreneur; when the gold rush hits he’d be there selling quality shovels. Ergo, the DomainerShare(tm) project.

“Essentially, what we’ve done this year round for TRAFFIC Las Vegas is the ability for domainers to finance their stay by purchasing 50% of another domainer’s room. We figured that by sharing a bed and a bathroom, domainers would save lots of money that they can then use to bid on auctions or play blackjack at the casino.”

Here’s how it works:

A domainer that would like to offer his or her room for share, signs up at and checks the “DomainerShare(tm) Provider” box, to indicate that they are looking for a domainer roommate. The DomainerShare(tm) smart system quickly matches that domainer with others that are looking for a 50% stake in a room. The results are instant.

“Initially, we had some system glitches where everybody looking for a domainer roommate was given the room of Hank Alvarez, but as soon as we resolved this issue with our Vice President of Operations the matching was perfect.”, said Rick.

When asked whether domainer roommates should share the same gender or at least, the same outlook with regards to the TLDs of investment choice, Rick smiled and added:

“Look, we somehow think this is a great extension to our 60-second speed networking program; DomainerShare(tm) is a great opportunity to find out what makes other domainers tick, so to speak. By watching a fellow domainer in his or her underwear while brushing their teeth, you have far more more opportunities to engage in conversation that could land a sale. “

The DomainerShare(tm) system looks like a winner and if problems arise along the way – “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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2 Responses to “Can’t get a room at TRAFFIC Las Vegas? Rick Latona launches DomainerShare(tm)”
  1. Holly says:

    Can I share a room with a beautiful Russian domainer? 😀 Rick?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    We’ve had a poll and looks like Gina Domainova, beautiful domainer from Ukraine is currently winning.

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