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China intranet update : No blockade planned for foreign domain names

Facebook wants a piece of China's market.

Facebook wants a piece of China’s market.

Clarifying on recent coverage about fears of a “Chinese intranet,” China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated the following:

“The draft rule asks websites that engage in network access within the borders of China to register their domain names in the country. Companies accessing network outside of the country will not be affected.”

Early translations of the law draft hinted of a global blockade of domain names in general, and the creation of a “white list” enforcing the registration of individual businesses and personal domains.

The draft law is open to public comment in China until April 25th. According to the Chinese government officials:

“There is no fundamental conflict between the draft regulation and global rules on managing domain names. And it will not affect foreign companies’ normal daily operations in China.”

A spokesperson for Forrester Research Inc, said the statement “failed to address the key issue of whether the new rule will apply to foreign websites both accessible in China and having their servers physically located there.”

And that’s a great question that needs to be answered promptly and clearly, by the Chinese government, as thousands of domain investments are at stake.

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4 Responses to “China intranet update : No blockade planned for foreign domain names”
  1. StickTooL says:

    But I made my Butler sell all of his chips

  2. DomainGang says:

    StickTool – You can buy a bagful at discounted prices!

  3. Steve says:

    Too bad you always take “the sky is falling” approach. Get’s eyeballs I guess?

  4. DomainGang says:

    Steve – Is that what you call pragmatism? Better than hyping, and losing one’s shirt. Guess who’s flip-flopping on the subject of chips currently.

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