Chinese domain market sales : Old school China

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

At the end of 2015, there were 222 million people aged 60 or above in China, or 16.1% of the total population.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, 143.86 million were 65 or above, or 10.5 % of the total population.

That means China is “old school” and aging fast, a side-effect of the one child per household policy that reigned its population growth for several decades.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain market is once again hitting a flat, level, plateau of sorts; that’s expected in the heart of summer, so hopefully we’ll see some money “rain” down in the weeks that follow.

The recent World Domain Conference in China attracted many Chinese domain investors, eager to exchange knowledge and to forge new relationships. The event was organized by

We keep track of Chinese domain sales for domains that are 2 to 4 characters in length, and in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Here is today’s list:

That NNN .com should be a nice sale, no doubt.


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