Chinese domain sales : Get live daily data from ChaoMi - Chinese domain market stats. – Chinese domain market stats.

If you want to master the Chinese domain market of short, unpronounceable – to the Westerners – domain names, you need some reliable data directly from the source.

Domain sales on Western venues, such as GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, or even Sedo, do not paint the full picture of what is going on behind the Great (fire)wall of China.

The Chinese domain analysis tool, Chao Mi, provides “live”, daily data about domain sales in Chinese market places.

Chao Mi, literally, means “fried rice“, but the term is also used for “domain speculation.

Isn’t the Chinese language fun? 😀

The web site, operating from, aggregates data from Ename and 22.CN marketplaces.

You can find daily data on a large number of letter and number length and premium TLD available, along with charts and exportable data.

That’s a plethora of valuable information, to help you gauge your next domain sale. Prices are listed in the Chinese currency, the yuan.

Keep in mind, that in the Chinese financial market notation, “red” signifies gains, and “green” denotes losses. 😉

Visit for more info, or use this link to translate it into English.

Many thanks to domain investor, Sahar Sarid, for providing the link.

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