Chips before chicks : Dot .Com and .Net report on LLLL domains

Bag your LLLL “Chips”

The world of domain Chips isn’t what it used to be.

Four letter domains with letters that appeal to the Chinese – no vowels, no letter “V” – have seen much better days.

These days, domain sales volume is steady, perhaps because prices have dropped substantially from their all-time high in late 2015.

Today’s special report on .Com and .Net “Chips” arrives courtesy of Dale G., a domain investor with regular involvement in the Chinese domain market, and cryptocurrencies.

Says Dale:

Two years ago you could buy .Net “Chips” for about $17 each. In December of 2015 they peaked at about $380 dollars.

During the same time period, .Com Chips were also volatile, albeit with a bigger volume, but a much smaller price multiple.

Fast-forward to 2017, and .Net Chips hit a recent low at $47 per Chaomi, and are getting closer to that $17 dollar level.  The next stop after, would clearly be renewal fee.

Today also marked a milestone in .com chip prices when a block of names sold at below the $1,100 dollar support level: $1,066 $1,073 $1,168 ok, ok… $1,059 $1,066 $1,066 $1,059 $1,044

What is next for .Com Chip prices?  Keeping a close eye on .Net chips may give you the answer.

Is there any long term hope for prices overall? Definitely.

It seems that Western premium LLLL .com domains are gaining traction, and are strong as always.

Many thanks, Dale, for this insider’s view to the domain “Chips” market.

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  1. In 2015, it was obvious this bubble was about to burst. Only a few of us said so publicly, and we took a lot of flak. Come January 2016, the decline had already begun; yet some domainers kept trying to prop up this market sector with optimistic predictions: “I can realistically see four letter domains going up to around $5000 apiece … at some point in 2016.” And so forth.

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